How To Make A Candle Coffee Mug

My husband is constantly getting on me for having way to many mugs. I really don’t blame him though. If we go anywhere new I have to buy a mug to document it. We have a whole cupboard filled with just mugs and I will admit I only use 3-5 of them on a daily basis. However, I will continue to buy and hoard them. In the meantime, I am always searching for smart ways to get some use out of them. Which is why I love this DIY candle project!

You can find everything you need at Joann Fabrics. I spent around $25 and was able to get enough to make 5-6 mugs/candles. Everything you need is pictured below. You will need:

-A mug

-Candle wax

-Fragrance oil (I found these fun ones at Joanns but if I were making non-holiday candles I would have grabbed for my essential oils).

-Candle wicks

-Wooden dowels

*You can also use food coloring if you wanted to change the color of your candles.

**Not pictured is a double broiler or 2 pots as well as a ladle for pouring.


Step 1: The first thing you are going to do is set your wick inside the mug and in between the two wooden dowels. I put a little tape on the bottom of the wick so that it would stay better. You could also use some glue.


Step 2: The first thing you are going to do is take 2-3 blocks of candle wax per mug (depending on the size of the mug) and insert them into the smaller pot. You are then going to put that pot inside the bigger pot and bring to a boil.


Step 3: Set the pots on medium heat for about 15-20 minutes or until the wax is fully melted. Once that is done you are ready to add your fragrance oil. I used about half the bottle of fragrance oil for 3 blocks. Obviously, the more oil you put in the more scent your going to get when you burn the candle. I used a baked apple scent and it smells so yummy!


Step 4: Make sure your fragrance oil is well blended in the melted candle wax and you are ready to pour! I used a ladle to pour my candle wax in and I would probably do it differently next time. It was a little messy and I now need to go scrub candle wax off my oven. I think using a large glass measuring cup or something that pours instead of a pot would be a little bit easier. However, this worked fine enough and they turned out great.


Step 5: Let this sit for about an hour. This gives the candle wax inside the mug time to harden. Once this is down you can remove the wooden dowels and cut the wick down to an appropriate size.

You can do this same instructions on mason jars, old candle jars, and almost anything! This DIY is just a fun christmas decor idea! Also, these would make great gifts! The great thing about using it as a gift is that after they have burned down the candle, they have a cute mug!

If you get a chance to make these DIY candle mugs, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear how they turned out.


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One thought on “How To Make A Candle Coffee Mug

  1. Nice instructions! I did this last Christmas with 6 small little ‘glögg’ mugs (tiny ones used for Swedish mulled wine) and I gave them out to each Christmas party we went to, and kept a few of course 🙂
    The wooden dowels were a smart idea. I didn’t know how to get my wick to stand up straight so I covered the mugs in plastic wrap and ran it through a hold in the plastic. This would have been much easier!


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