Honeymooning With Royal Caribbean Allure Of the Seas

This past October Tim and I took a belated (1 year) honeymoon trip. With his job in the Army we are not allowed to take leave whenever we want, so we can only plan trips when the army allows leave. So with a year in planning and saving we were so looking forward to this trip!
We chose to do a cruise because we knew we wanted a more luxury  type relaxing vacation. Going on a cruise would allow us to visit multiple areas and food and activities would all be covered. This was Tim’s first cruise and my second cruise.

Tim pretty much just said “You pick it out and tell me where were going and ill be there.” I am pretty sure he didn’t even know what ports we were going to until the boat actually docked and he asked me what country we were in! That is okay though because I am miss super planner and I very much enjoy having free reign on planning these sorts of things.

After talking to a travel planner we decided on the Allure of the Seas as it is the biggest cruise ship out there. Go big or go home right? The itinerary planned was Nassau, St. Martin, and St. Thomas. I spent hours upon hours researching these ports and had a list of ideas for things to do! We would not miss anything important on these islands!

However…sometimes mother nature gets in the way and things have to change to avoid a hurricane. Thats right..our boat was being chased by a hurricane. They ended up rerouting us so we went to Labadee, Haiti and Falmoith, Jamaica instead of St. Martin and St. Thomas. These were still great ports and we made the most of our time there. Here is a recap of our ports along with a summary review of our time on Allure of the Seas.


In Nassau we went to cabbage beach. The only nice thing about Nassau besides Atlantis is the gorgeous blue water. This is the only thing I would come back to Nassau for. We took a taxi for $5 there and back. We maybe spent 3 hours on the beach that morning.

Nassau is very dirty and there isn’t a whole ton to do on the island. However, drinks were cheap, the water was beautiful, and it was a warm day! What else could we ask for!?


Labadee cruise port is actually owned by Royal Caribbean. That being said it is very touristy. It makes for a nice relaxing day as everything is included. It’s basically like an extension of the ship. All of the workers come on the island and set up dining and bars. If you want to do extra things like zip line or ride the roller coaster you have to pay. We just enjoyed a nice relaxing beach day sipping pina coladas.

This is not the cruise port however if you want to travel and see the island. You have to stay in the area and your very limited on what you can do.

Warning about Labadee: the vendors selling outside the Royal Caribbean area are very aggressive. They only make money when there is a ship docked, so it is important to them to make sales.

Falmouth Jamaica:

My favorite port! I really wanted to go out and actually see the island instead of having a beach day. We went for a tour that included Duns river falls, a float down the river, and a typical Jamaican meal. It took pretty much the whole day but it was well worth it!

Dunns river falls is really crowded. So if you go on a busy day keep that in mind. It almost takes away from the novelty of climbing up a waterfall, but we still enjoyed it.

Make sure you leave Falmouth and venture into Jamaica. Falmouth is full of shopping and stuff that you can do elsewhere, it’s worth it to go experience the island. Don’t forget to eat jerk chicken and drink lots of red strip beer!

Allure of the seas overall:

I think this was perfect for a honeymoon. The ship has SO much to do. A ton of bars, dance clubs, shows, pools, anything you can think of! If your a drinker I would definitely recommend the all inclusive drink package, so worth it!

We were never bored on this cruise and we didn’t have to spend time planning or calculating our finances cause everything was pre paid! The staff was friendly and food was delicious for the most part.

We had a boardwalk facing balcony and it was perfect. Although, I wish we would have sprang for the ocean view balcony, we honestly didn’t spend much time on the balcony.

Overall, I would recommend this cruise to any honeymooners. We really enjoyed our time!



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