Hi Im Cady. I am a PNW native with a love for travel, food, makeup, crafts, and a good cup of coffee. When I am not selling houses I am most likely having netflix marathon with my hubby or going on some type of adventure. I believe in living life to the fullest and always making an effort to improve myself.

This blog is going to be a compilation of things I love and things I have learned. I somehow got married, graduated college, bought a house, started a career, and adopted a dog all in one year. All at the ripe age of 21. I am hoping I can shoneymoon-pichare some of my struggles and things I have learned with the hope of helping others.

I am also a military wife. I met my husband (a Texas native) when he got stationed in Washington. While dating, we went through 2 deployments and ranger school before tying the knot. I couldn’t imagine my life with anything else. When they say opposites attract, that defines us!!

No kids yet for us, just a cute little fur pup that is way to spoiled! mt-rainier-with-thor


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